Our service here at Catamaran Manuel Antonio Boat Tours Costa Rica is focused on providing you with the most complete and objective descriptions and evaluations of the various boats and crews, for the very popular morning and afternoon coastal tours. This has been a very popular tour here in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, ever since the fleet was launched, and with good reason. These coastal cruises have something for everyone. Combine great views of the lush “Rich Coast”, which is English for Costa Rica, with a full day of fun and relaxation, which include some, or all of the following activities:

  • Swimming in the calm refreshing waters of a beautiful Jungle Bay.
  • Snorkeling on a reef with lots of interesting marine life
  • Feeling the exhilaration of a boat slide into the ocean
  • Relaxing at sea, on a beautiful boat
  • Thrilling to the sight of dolphins, which often swim in the boat’s bow wake
  • Enjoying plentiful portions of delicious food and refreshing drinks
  • Viewing a spectacular sunset, for a perfect ending to a memorable day in “Paradise”.

The various Catamaran Boat Tour companies offer one or two boats. By representing all of them, we are able to offer a greater variety of boats, and tours, which afford us the opportunity to better meet each customers needs.